Making a Difference

   It’s back to school shopping time but not for most students. Children in families who’s financial barriers are extremely limited are focusing on their next meal, making school supplies low on their priority list. I saw this problem and I believe a child shouldn’t be held from learning because their family can’t afford supplies. After research, I started a project where I would collect donations for the students attending Frank Jacinto Elementary School in the Lorain County School District because they are one of the poorest schools in the state of Ohio. In May of 2019 I started telling friends and family about the project, after noticing how many people wanted to take part, I asked my principal if I could post flyers and set up a donation box where students could donate at anytime. Shortly after getting Midview on board I was able to reach out to the principal of Lorain County JVS who kindly allowed me to set up a donation box at their school. Three months later and this project was a success all thanks to the students and teachers who donated and to the schools who supported this idea. Because of this project Frank Jacinto will be receiving over 1000 school supplies! I think that when you find it in the goodness of your heart to help someone you gain that charisma that inspires others to help and you’re truly making a difference.

   You can check out the video I made on this project at !!

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